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Since 1962, Pinecrest has been a place of rest, renewal, and exploration.  It’s been a place where God changes lives.  It still is.  And we haven’t reached this point, almost 50 years later, without loads of support.   Churches, individuals, work groups, Eagle Scout candidates, school groups, families…they’ve all given of both time and money to help us.  We’ve had many more who have joined in prayer with us to continue this worthwhile ministry of hospitality.  We hope you’ll feel called to help as well.  If you'd like to help or send a gift in honor or memory of someone, just email or call 901.878.1247.  

Give Gift of Hope Christmas Cards:  You give us your list; we'll send a beautiful card to your recipient acknowledging your gift.  Just email to start the process.  Donations fund either general operations, your designated cause, or the Send a Kid to Camp Scholarship Fund.

Send-a-Kid-to-Camp:  These summer camp scholarships are need-based.  In 2015, we were able to offer about 31 full and partial scholarships.  Average donation is $100.

Our swimming pool was installed in 1967 and is in dire need of repair.  Our pool is large and was intended for good swimmers as it tops out at 14 feet deep.  The new plan is to have a zero-entry end with a sprinkler or two for younger campers and extend to about 10-12 feet.   Our best estimates are about $200,000 to renovate.

The lake has a leak!  Canoeing, fishing…they’re gone until we can rebuild our lake.  We don’t have cost estimates, but we do have some interested parties.  Your input is valuable.

Pinecrest depends on volunteers to do everything from simple cabin renovations and repairs to summer camp nurse to completing Eagle Scout projects.  We’ve had folks cut grass, be summer camp counselors, teach in our Go Outside program, and plant flowers.  They work on the labyrinth, pick up sticks, and paint.  Generally, just about anything that needs doing has had a volunteer.  We even had a volunteer group stay for an entire week.  Volunteers are valuable.

Scout Projects:
A current project involves trail marking.  Pinecrest has lots of beautiful trails (one is 3.6 miles!) that need identification.  Our education program depends on these trails, but people get turned around.  An affordable but fairly extensive project involves installing confidence markers on all trails.  Pick one or two, complete your project, and do a world of good!

One donation developed this website.  Another bought tree climbing equipment.  Still another renovated the entire lodge/dining hall.  Some have provided funds for continuing education, the chapel, and other buildings.  Some funds support the general fund.  You choose.  Pinecrest depends on your monetary support.  Give to our Gift of Hope fund in memory or in honor of a loved one.  We’ll send a card to acknowledge.

For donation information or volunteering, please contact Lucy Cummings   901.652.4055 or