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I’m not Presbyterian? Can I come to summer camp?

Sure! We’d love to have you join us. Understand that we have a daily Bible study/small group time and that it follows Presbyterian theology. Also know that we welcome the richness of diversity and focus on the goodness of God.

I want to be in cabin with my friend. Okay?

We want that, too. We ask you to designate one friend on the registration form. We also like you to meet other folks as well, so you’ll probably have some campers you don’t know in your cabin, too. It’ll be a big ol’ slumber party!

What if I get homesick?

We spend loads of time making sure you have a great time and get to know lots of people, but sometimes you just want to hear a familiar voice. While we have too much going on to have a specific phone time, homesick campers can certainly call home. We ask that families wait to be called. At Pinecrest, if your camper doesn’t call home, it means that there’s too much fun happening.

Where do I sleep?

We have cabins, some with bunk beds, some without. Most beds are twin-sized. All of the rooms have full bathrooms, 6-7 beds, air-conditioning, and a great counselor! You’ll be with other kids about your grade level and the same gender.

What do I need to bring?

There’s a list that you can download. Bring your grubby stuff. It’s Camp!

Tell me about Check-in.

Okay. Registration is from 3-4p mostly on Sundays. You’ll come to the Lodge and sign in. We make sure you have your paperwork (completed registration and health form as well as medical papers) and will tell you which cabin you’re in as well as who your counselor is. You’ll make a canteen deposit (usually $30) and give us any medication you’ve brought. Then we’ll send you on your way to discover who else is in your cabin!

And check out?

Usually on Fridays, but occasionally on other days, check out is also from 3-4p at the lodge. The last few hours are full of picture-taking, sharing your favorite memories of camp, packing, and finding ways to keep in touch with your new friends. Your pick-up-er should be approved by a parent or guardian and will come to the lodge to sign you out, get any leftover medication, and remaining canteen money.

What happens if I don’t feel well or need medicine?

All of our staff is CPR/First Aid certified by the American Heart Association. We have a designated staff person to dispense medicines in our first aid room, and you’ll be observed taking your medicines. Our first aid room has a bed, and we’ll have a staff member stay with you until you either feel better or someone comes to take you home. Family is called for any persistent illness or before OTC medications are given.

I want to get mail!

Don’t we all?! There’s a mail center set up at registration OR your family and friends are welcome to mail or bring mail. We have mail-call Monday-Thursday at lunch time.

What if I need financial assistance?

The good people in our churches and friends of Pinecrest add to our scholarship fund regularly, so there may be some assistance if needed.

Important Forms:
- 2016 Packing List
- Health Form
- Medication Form
- Pinecrest Release Waiver

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