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Attention Teachers! Consider Pinecrest For the Ultimate Field Trip.

What do teachers and administrators say about GoOutside?

"Our students were able to really slow down and reflect on the beauty and creation of nature during a time in our lives when that is very rare. One student even mentioned that he didn't know if he would be able to be still and quiet for 5 minutes; however, in his reflection, it was clear that he gained a new perspective to the world around him . 
The stations were well organized and gave our students an opportunity to participate in activities that they may have not have experienced.
The students are given just enough freedom and independent time to enjoy and participate in God's splendor.
It was refreshing to see so many students branch out of their comfort zone and work well with students they normally would not pair up with for group activities. 
The energy and true joy the staff exhibited in the activities they prepared for our students was genuine and so appreciated. 
Our time at the campfire was inspiring as so many students were comfortable sharing and leading. That can only come from the high expectations set, the confidence given by the staff, and their true engagement in the activity."
Mershon Cummings (Middle School Head, Woodland School, Memphis)

Want kids to learn about the outdoors?
Then "Go Outside”!

Bring your students to our three-day "Go Outside” adventure that allows students to learn about nature in nature. Students will hear from the experts.  Some are environmental educators, some are former science teachers, some are naturalists, some are re-enactors. All are trained well and have a genuine passion for passing on what they know and helping people feel ‘at-home’ in the outdoors.  Pinecrest provides the entire program for your students - classes, all materials, meals, and evening activities.  We will also help you plan your trip to Pinecrest and meet as necessary with students, teachers, chaperones, and parents.

Call 901.878.1247 for more information to schedule your "Go Outside” field trip or to learn more.

Click here for a detailed Outdoor Education packet including sample schedules and course descriptions.